White Rice

28,000.00 14,000.00

It Nourishes
It Moisturize
It’s Rejuvinate
Acne Removal



The Whiterice Serum is a unique powerful solution designed to help you having a soft and smooth skin.

If you want a remarkable skin with affordable price, you won’t find a better solution than this whiterice Serum.
With only 15 days of use you can start to see a major difference in your skin clarity.

It’s natural ingredients are extracted from gluten-free white rice, which helps to reduce and heal acne, redness and hydrate skin.

PACKAGE : 30ML Bottle

How to use:

Remove your makeup and wash your face/skin
Squeeze 1-2 drops in your palm or make-up cotton
Use your palm or make-up cotton to apply the serum
Gently apply the Oilivia Serum to your skin
Use twice a day to get the best results


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