Ghana: 120 Ghc


  • It purify your body and vagina …Restoring freshness all round
  • It clear away dead cell,toxin,unpreasant smell and waste accumulated inside the vagina
  • It nourish the vagina by promoting granulation,regaining  vagina elasticity and sensibility
  • Postpone Senility,repair damaged birth canal and maintain healthy tissue
  • Prevent and expels Fibroid ,Ovarian cyst
  • Delay menopause and remove wrinkles
  • A must for women who have done CS  or D&C
  • Boost fertility and dredge fallopian tube
  • Lots More+++++++++++++


INGREDIENT : Refined from Osthol,Stemona Sessilifolia,Kochiascoparia,motherwort,Rhizoma smilacis glabrae,Angelica,Rhizoma chuianxiong and Borneol.


Due to the complex nature of women,the best way to detoxify is to use this clean pearl


Among other things it does are:

1. Purification: be effective to prevent and help to treat gynecological disease caused by colpitis, cervical erosion, hysteroptosis, and unpleasant smell of leucorrhea, pelvic inflammation, annexitis, hysteromyoma and mycotic infection.


2. Clearing and Detoxifying: this unique way of detoxification is a micro-vacuum, which can clear away dead cell, menses, toxin and waste accumulated inside the vagina, also the unpleasant smell and the source of mycovirus infection to promote metabolism, activate stem cell, stimulate the secretion of estrogen, and regain the usual physiological function of generative organ.


3. Removing necrosis and promoting granulation: while clearing the waste, it can restore the vitality of dying cells, promote glandular secretion, smooth, nourish the vagina and rough tissue in uterine neck, regain the elasticity and sensibility, help to constrict uterus after giving birth, repair damaged birth canal, regain and maintain healthy tissue.


4. Postpone senility: restore the vitality of dying cells, promote glandular secretion, help to constrict vagina and regain its vigor, increase sensibility and sexual desire, have you regain prettiness and upgrade your sexual quality, postpone menopause, relieve vagina dryness, keep sexual desire from decreasing and ease your mind.


5. Beautifying and nourishing: improve and regain the usual physiological function of generative organ, promoting blood circulation for removing blood stasis, activate cell, regulate, internal secretion, reduce and eliminate splash, whiten and smooth skin, make it shiny, rosy and less wrinkled, bring out infinite charm of a woman.


6. Life preserving: New Life clean Pearl is efficacious in some certain gynecological diseases. If there isn’t, it has a function of precaution. After the period of menses, using one or two Pill, it can help to promote metabolism, keep you healthy and vigorous, and easily be away from gynecological disease.


7. Infertility: ​​It has certain efficacy in infertility by balancing PH value inside the vagina and dredging Fallopian tube.

PACKAGE: 1 Pack contain 3 pills


Direction :

  1.  Wash Your hand

  2. Submerge the pill into warm water before inserting

  3. Insert deep into the vagina

  4. Pull out after 3-5 days

  5. Wait 24 hrs after you pull out one before inserting another

  6. CAUTION: ★Avoid Sex While Inserted ★Prohibited for pregnant and nursing mother ★Do not use while on menses

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