Ghana:  520Ghc


  •  Dissolve all types of Fibroid

  • Regulate Estrogen Hormone

  • Stop Heavy flow

  • Boost fertility

  • Stop Frequent urination And burning sensation

  • Stop Backache

    Lots More




Fibroid has been termed a stubborn sickness due to its resistance to many treatment and rapid growth effect after surgery.

Many Women especially African has been ejected from matrimonial home due to inability to bear children because of Fibroid.

But thank God who have given us this natural solution

Fibro Caps is produced from eleven natural ingredients,these ingredients have been used in healing sturbbon resistance sickness in Asia and India

These are:


Devis Cotton 6%

Devis cotton herbs improves body wellness,regulate menses and prevent heavy flow,stop itching,cure uterus disease

luffa Echinata 15%

luffa Echinata is an ayuverdic herbs,cure liver issues,ease labour difficulty,intestinal worm,ingested poison

Rubia Tinctorum 12%

Rubia Tinctorum herbs good for ,scanty menses,kidney stone,bruises,jaundice

Anethum Savakatz 10%

Anethum Savakatz  herbs use for digestive disorder,uterine issues,sleep disorder,infection,sore mouth and throat,gall bladder problems.

Juniperus Communis 12%

stimulate the uterine muscle.treat acne ,psoriasis,inhibit abnormal cell growths,treat virus infection,heartburn , treatment of intestinal infections and other stomach upsets.

Carthamus Tinctorius 5%

Carthamus Tinctorius also know as sunfflower lower blood lipids and serum cholesterol,soften and expand arteries, prevent atherosclerosis, increase blood circulation, and regulate the heart and aged endocrine system.

Asphodelus Fistulosus 5%

Onionweed also know as Asphodelus fistulosus prevent atherosclerosis,stop inflamed body part,treat ulcer

Pausque Flower 12%

Pausque Flower stop headache ,remedy for nerve exhaustion in women,treat regulatory and digestive disorder

Orrisroot-irisroot 8%

Iris pallida root is used for “blood-purifying,” “gland-stimulating,” increasing kidney activity, stimulating appetite and digestion, and increasing bile flow. Iris pallida root is also used for headache, toothache, muscle and joint pain, migrain,constipation,bloating, diabetes,empty bowel,stop cancer and skin diseases.

Prunging Cassia 10%

Prunging Cassia stop common cold such as congestion,stop constipation,stop pain and body swelling,stop tumor growth,bacteria and microbes to other part of the body

Minerals 10%

Nourishes body,remove body radicals,natural supplement


All these are mixed together to produce Fibro Caps

Fibro Caps is 100% natural

No Chemical..No Preservative



Fibro Cap is proven to be every woman Friend because of its benefit in the body such as

  • It regulate estrogen hormone which is the real cause of Fibroid .

  • It dissolve the Fibroid tumor and get it flushed out during menses.

  • It help in removing surgery after effect.

  • Fertility enhancer-Many women got pregnant using this .

  • It reduce big tummy .

  • Stop backache and bowel movement .

  • Restore calmness in the body,eradicate stress from body .

  • Regulate menstrual cycle .

  • Use for preventive and curative of Fibroid

  • Lots more

This is a solution that is highly sort for,if you are having issues with Fibroid

This is what you need

PACKAGE: One Pack contain 90 Capsules


DOSAGE: 2 Morning, 2 Afternoon, 2 Night


Recommendation: For multiple Fibroids,3 Packs is highly recommended no matter the size


PRICE: NIGERIA: 1 Pack = N30,000

         GHANA: 1 Pack= 520 ghc

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